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Why We Love Our Own Chaos & How To Become Free
We all have a story we tell ourselves
I crave freedom from the bondage of self.  Being stuck is like being in prison and I will do anything to get free. So in order to attain that freedom from my old ideas, and get free, I have to recognize that it’s my thoughts and old ideas which are keeping me from growing.
It’s the excuses we make that keep us stuck in our respective places.
Excuses are not always comfortable but certainly are familiar. My spiritual adviser has always challenged me to uncover the story I tell myself. She encouraged me to recognize the narrative that keeps me stuck. I wrote about this a few months ago.  We have to drop the old beliefs which keep us trapped.
I hate to admit it but, at times, I am a manufacturer of chaos. The creation of chaos gives me something to focus On, so as not to have to show up for my life in a more present way. I make my own misery and then buy into it as ‘gospel’ truth.  But let’s face it, nothing is further from the truth.  I do this so I can remain stuck – that is to say, chasing my tail means that I don’t have to confront that I am not moving in any one direction.
I am not always able to see when I am making my own chaos and misery
Last Summer, I read a book which made me confront a lot of old ideas I had and actually explore them.
My old ideas were just stories I told myself.
This book, You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero,
changed the way I viewed my old ideas.
In her book, she writes, “It’s like we’re surrounded by this big, all-you-can-eat buffet of incredible experiences and insights and feelings and opportunities and things and people and ways to share our gifts with the world, and all we have to do is align our energy with what we want and take decisive action to allow this good into our lives.” (Page 33)
Reading this book (and subsequent lecturing on it,) helped encourage me to start this blog. Do you know I’ve had the URL for about 10 years yet have only been blogging for a few months? That’s a long time to procrastinate!
What I learned is that I can stop the creation of chaos is these simple ways:
  • Becoming aware of the story we are believing and the chaos we are creating
  • Aligning with a power that can help move us toward that goal
  • Taking actions which align with the goal we are seeking to attain
  • Following through on the actions, even on days we don’t feel like it
From this experience, I got more insight about how to uncover when I am getting in my own way and then how to move forward.
How have you gotten in your own way and then became able to recognize it and move forward?

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