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My name is Andrea Cosnowsky and I have been a Reform Rabbi for over 16 years. I have served as a congregational rabbi in the western suburbs of Chicago. Over the years, my congregants have sought answers about Judaism’s view about the afterlife. On this blog, I seek to delve into the different questions about the soul, the body and the Jewish concept of resurrection of the dead. I will be sharing my knowledge of Jewish text, midrash (story) and Jewish belief. I have found that there is great comfort in knowing about Judaism’s long history of a belief in an afterlife.

The purpose of my blog is to offer comfort to those who are seeking answers. I wish to offer hope that there is more to life than this earthly realm. If you wish to receive a message about various perspectives concerning the afterlife, please subscribe to my blog. Thank you for stopping by! If you have a question you’d like answered in a future blog, please post the question in the comment section or email me at

Best wishes,
Rabbi Andrea Cosnowsky

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Soulmates in Judaism

Soulmates in Judaism

The Concept of Soulmate In Genesis, it is written, “Man and woman, God created them.” In Midrash Bereshit, the Rabbis took that concept to mean that...