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Why It’s Spiritual To Attract Great Abundance
I have had great spiritual experiences with the concept of abundance. Abundance, at its core, means “a very large quantity of something.” Abundance is to have plenty – almost more than what is actually needed. For years I lived in lack rather than abundance, always fearing I would not have enough of whatever I thought I needed. Fear drove me to work harder to try to get more of what I thought I wanted. Finally someone taught me about the concept of abundance. I truly had no idea about abundance manifestation until I was able to experience it directly.
It started with a church.
I was living in Nashville where there is a church on every street corner. It is not only attended for religious reasons but also to form a social network. I had been invited to attend all sorts churches. Since I needed some cash, I decided to try the church which focused on abundance. During the service, we were asked to pray for what we wanted and to visualize it and then to “claim it in the name of Jesus.” We were to relax and trust that whatever we asked for would be given to us in the near future. My boyfriend at the time, attended with me and was mortified. When we left, he called it the “Church of Wishful Thinking” and noted that was not the purpose of religion.
My boyfriend was a Christian. Although it was appropriate to claim something in Jesus’ name as faith, he felt that faith was not enough and quoted James 2:26 from the Christian New Testament which states that “Faith without works is dead.” This means faith is important but must be followed up with action. He taught me so much that day, saying “there is a spiritual component to following faith with consistent action.” This aligns with the desire one has in the heart. He said it was spiritual arrogance to think something was just going to come to us. (Although that sometimes is the case. It is the definition of grace – which I just wrote about last week.) There is a tension between just believing that something will happen rather than working toward a goal with consistent effort.
He was right. The church thing didn’t manifest much abundance. Despite my affirmation of willingness to receive it, abundance wasn’t quickly forthcoming and I still needed to make some extra money. Although my waitress job was steady, I had one last debt to pay off and desired to do it without dipping into my savings. So I consulted my spiritual advisor. She agreed with my boyfriend and  suggested I go to work at Home Depot in the garden department.
Here’s how I learned about Abundance
It was spring and Home Depot needed the head count. Since I needed the hours, I interviewed and got the job. The manager asked what I wished to be paid. I had no idea and gave a random rate, $7.50 an hour.” “Fine” he said and that was that.
I worked for a few weeks and then one day I found myself sitting with my co-workers in the break room. We had all started to work at Home Depot around the same time. Somehow our small talk turned to how much money we were making. I found out that I was making the least amount of the group. It was demoralizing, affected how I worked and how I felt. So I asked my manager about it. What he said changed my life. “I paid you the hourly wage you asked for. Had you asked for more, I would have paid you more. I will pay you what the others are being paid (about $9/ hour) but 
make sure you are worth it.” Then I understood abundance
Life pays you what you ask for.
If you go to the ocean with a thimble, you only get a thimble’s  worth of liquid. Instead of limiting what the universe can give, you can be open to great abundance but must do the footwork to get ready to receive it. Affirmation is good but must be coupled with action.
  • I had to find out what is blocking me from abundance
  • I had to believe I was worthy of abundance
  • I had to act in accordance with that belief and do the foot work to not only attract it but work to bring it. I had to make the commitment to follow through until the goal was reached.
Part of this journey toward attracting and creating abundance was learning that I was worth more than I initially thought. Once I started to act in accordance with believing I was worth more, it became my reality. From that reality came a new awareness of my own worth. It had to be an inside job. From action came belief. Then the manifestation was seen on the outside.
My actions rather than my emotions defined my reality!
I worked hard and left that Home Depot job on good terms. I could have been hired back at a later date. The boyfriend and I didn’t work out (that’s for a later blog post!) because I knew he wasn’t right for me and that I was worth more. I paid off that debt and found that abundance came toward me with ease. I understood that attracting abundance was about the willingness to believe followed by consistent action toward my  goal.
What abundance do you wish to attract? It doesn’t have to be financial but could be abundance of love, grace, kindness, acceptance, forgiveness, you name it. Are you willing to do the footwork to bring about a greater abundance? I’d love to hear from you! Please leave a comment or send me an email. (I am attempting to answer them all – I’m a little behind but am committed to doing so!)

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