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Why Change is Scary and How to Overcome Fear
Photo By Barbara Turner
As I said in a previous post, , 
over thirty years ago I too had to go on welfare and therefore rely upon public aid. Still in my teens, I had dropped out of college for the second time. I was cut off from my family, and had just been released from a rehab institution. With no way to support myself, I took the suggestion to live in a halfway house and stay on welfare while I was within the system.
On welfare that year, I had everything I needed: food, shelter and a small stipend for essentials. I learned how to make $80 a month stretch very far…if I lived simply.
I finished college and got my bachelor’s degree. My spiritual advisor said it was time for me to become self-supporting. I was able-bodied and had a degree, so it was time to get off welfare. As hard as it had been to accept welfare, nothing had prepared me for my fear of getting off of welfare!
Fear is Corrosive
When I am frightened I:
  • Lack faith.
  • Lack direction
  • Perceive the lack the ability to carry through with a decision
However, fear can be overcome!
It wasn’t easy and I needed support but, sure enough, with action and faith, I was able to move forward.
Belief in the idea that I could overcome my fear was a good start but would not have been enough on its own. To overcome my fear, I had to couple my belief with some deliberate steps.  I had to take action.  My first one was to apply for jobs.
I had to acknowledge my fear (okay, let’s be honest, it was terrifying at times). I felt as if I were sailing in uncharted waters. However, the more action I took the more I felt a sense of adventure flow through me.
Overcoming fear took practice and time.
It was not an overnight matter but the fear did eventually subside. I got a job and got back on my feet. I have been a self-supporting citizen ever since but remain grateful for that experience. It taught me that I could walk through such an ordeal and come out the other side.
One of the best articles on fear was written by Carey Nieuwhof. Although it’s written on the subject of fear as it pertains to leadership, I find it a worthwhile read: http://[]
I’d love to hear about your experience of how you faced and walked through your fear.


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