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We Did It! Prayer Works Indeed!!!

Well, our prayer at 12:00 EST/11:00am CST today manifested a ‘cure’ for the COVID-19 virus, but we weren’t looking for an outcome like that. We did try to send out a vibration to the universe.  The whole intention to be in prayer together was to see what would manifest.  Now, I’m not saying it was because of OUR prayer that this next thing is happening, but I will say, no good deed goes unpunished!

I had originally hoped that someone with a bigger Rolodex (I’m showing my age) or a stronger Twitter following could take this up and make it happen.  I was thinking of contacting Pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber

or maybe Rob Bell

but we got someone even bigger!

The POPE!!!

Here’s the link to his plea for prayer:

Hooray for humanity. Prayer works because it shows us how connected we are to one another.  And how powerful we can become when we get quiet and ask what God would have us be.  Thanks for praying with me.  I’m off to get ready to pray with the Pope later. (I think I have that same Yalmuka…)

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