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The Hard Decision To Finally Get On Twitter

Now you can follow me at @RabbiCosnowsky – But I can’t promise we are going anywhere special just yet

I just wanted to find a way to get the word out about the moment of prayer on Thursday which I am endeavoring to start.

But, I’m not a screen person. I haven’t watched television since The Bionic Woman series was on back in the 1970s. If I take my kids to the movies, I’m usually asleep after the first 15 minutes. The Lego Movie was the last movie I saw (Or should I say the last movie I went to).  So being in front of a screen is not my forte. 

Enter the COVID-19 to change our normal

Transitioning in this new reality means I am now more than ever in front of a screen. I’m not sure I like it. But this is the next frontier that will usher in a new era of technology and reframe how we work, socialize and live.   I will write more blogs about this topic at a later time.

Yesterday, a woodpecker landed on the tree in my front yard. I stood there to watch it, as it pecked the tree eating the insects off the bark. I watched it for about five minutes mesmerized by the soothing power of nature. It’s still cold here in Chicago, so being outside only happens for about a half an hour a day as I take my dog for a long walk.

In this new reality, it’s more important more than ever to take time to get away from the screens.  

  • We must reconnect with our souls.
  • Spend time in thoughtful contemplation each day.
  • Write in a real notebook
  • Force my children look me in the eyes for a period of time every day.

I fear what this isolation and separation will do to our psyche.  I worry that the screen will replace real contact. And that’s not healthy. Our state of quarantine (which I’m grateful for) is saving our lives. But we have to remember life without the screen. 

My challenge for you today: 

Follow me on Twitter?

And, for fun, post one thing in the comment section that you noticed about your environment. Let’s teach each other to be more mindful, observant, and to appreciate the little things.  And stay connected in this new reality. 

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