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How To Reserve Judgment When We Lack Perspective

The most important part of maintaining serenity is our ability to have a good perspective. Let’s face it – it’s hard to keep our perspective when life isn’t going our way. Perspective is how we see the world and the events that happen to us.  It shapes how we view life and depending on our perspective, we can be positive or negative toward our experiences.

Keeping equilibrium when events don’t pan our in our favor, is not easy. But understanding that there is a spiritual component which underlies our experience, can help mitigate our judgment. It is imperative that we withhold judgment until we gain greater understanding of what happened to us.  However, understand, this is not always easy to do.

So here are some stories about gaining perspective that may give you comfort in your journey.

But first, a confession.  This post was posted by mistake so it hasn’t fully been written yet.  Please give me a few days and I’ll have it finished for your reading pleasure!  Thanks for your patience.

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