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How To Overcome Former Limiting Beliefs

Why do I seem to limit what I believe God can do? I know I have a lot of old ideas in my mind. And despite all that I have seen God accomplish through me, I doubt God’s ability to do even more. And it seems to defy logic – wouldn’t I see one miracle and think, “wow! If God can do that – what else can God do?” And then I would try to live into that accomplishment. But no, instead, I doubt, I worry and I limit myself.

I heard about how elephant trainers train baby elephants. They tie them to a rope and tie the rope to a stake in the ground. The baby elephant tugs and pulls and pulls and attempts to get away, but the rope limits him and he can only go the circumference of the circle to which he is tethered. And then the trainer can take off the rope, knowing that the elephant will never even attempt to go farther than the boundary of that circle once he is trained. Never. He won’t even try.

I am like that elephant.

But being a human, and even though I’ve been a seeking God and God’s power, I don’t have to remain as that elephant. I still don’t know why I limit God’s potential power. God is infinite power – limitless and abundant but yet, I go to God like I would go to the ocean, with a vessel the size of a thimble.

Like the story of the Israelites wandering in the desert. They had just witnessed the miracles of crossing the Red Sea. They had just gained their freedom, and received the commandments at Mount Sinai, they had water and daily amounts of manna falling from the sky. And still they didn’t believe that God was taking care of them.

So, how does one break free and not be the elephant?

– Remember the laws of manna:

Manna was the daily bread like substance that fell from each day. One could only take as much as they’d need for that day only. If one took more than they needed, it would be inedible the next day.  (Except for on the Sabbath, when the morning before it started, one had to gather a double portion.)

– Trust that God has your back and will provide exactly what you need, when you need it, and not a moment sooner.

– Go to your God with a large, abundant vessel.  God will not always provide what we ask for, but we’ll get everything we need for that day

When we remember the laws of manna, we learn that we can break free from the circular trap we may feel we’re trapped in. God is taking care of us!!  And if we really want it – We can have the abundance that is promised to us.

Do you ever limit God in your life?  How are you like the baby elephant?


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