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How To Overcome Exhaustion
Are you exhausted? I’m exhausted. I didn’t know that working from home and homeschooling my children could be so enervating. Add that to many of the chores I used to hire out so I could take a break. Now there’s no break. I’m not complaining (okay, maybe a little) but I never knew how much work it could be to shelter in place!
When I get quiet and honest, I see that my quest to stay busy is another manifestation of trying to control life. I am not trusting the infinite nature of God. I am still relying on my own finite resources and they are failing me. That is the root of my exhaustion.
Yesterday, someone shared a line from a book he’d found at a thrift store. The gist was how one must “surrender to God in perfect obedience.” Such a difficult task! But it was exactly the message I needed to remember yesterday. And today. And tomorrow!
Because when I depend on the vastness of God and am no longer in charge of my life:
  • I am less prone to exhaustion.
  • I can focus on the spiritual nature of my soul
  • The rest of my life naturally falls into place, effortlessly.
There’s a story I like to tell about the frog that lived in the well. It lived in this well all its life and hopped around the forest, always returning home to his tiny water source. One day, the well frog met a frog that lived in the ocean. The ocean frog spoke to the well frog about this huge water source he lived by and the well frog didn’t believe him. So the well frog followed him to the ocean. When he saw how huge and limitless the water was, his head exploded!
If I could even imagine how huge is the vast nature of God, my head could not contain it. And yet, I continue to run my life on self-propulsion. So today I commit to focusing on the spiritual aspect of my soul and leaving the details up to God.
Enjoy the message of the story and watch as I evolve in my learning about the world of podcasting!

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