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How To Access Inner Power

In this blog, I frequently write about finding a Power that is greater than ourselves that we can tap into when we face difficult times. Finding and accessing a Higher Power is necessary to attain spiritual connection. When I find myself exhausted, it is usually because I am fighting my lack of power. Lack of power presents itself when I want to attain or achieve a certain outcome and it is not happening or at least not looking like a favorable outcome on my timetable!

Lack Of Power
When I feel that loss or lack of power, I sometimes get disheartened. Notice the word ‘heart’ in the word. My heart gets upset. The heart is the middle of our body – from the heart, all blood flows out and through. When I perceive that I am not getting my way; someone rejects me, a conversation doesn’t go my way, or I’m just plain old scared about something, I can feel my chest tightening. The power, or energy flow through my heart gets blocked.

My problem isn’t really that I lack power – power is always available to us and is there all the time.

My problem is that I lack awareness of that power and I have become blocked in some way from that power!

Power provides energy. When I lack energy, it is because I perceive that the power is gone. But that is not true! We have infinite power and can have infinite energy, if we are willing to tap into it.

Infinite Energy (Power)
In his book, “The Unthethered Soul,” Michael Singer writes about a never-ending source of power and energy. In the chapter, ‘Infinite Energy,’ he gives an amazing example of that feeling of lack of energy. Believe me, it resonated! But then again, who hasn’t had this experience in some shape or form? The example was of someone who had just had their heart broken by someone breaking off a relationship. Singer describes the scene of someone who goes into a depression, lacking energy to even cleanup the apartment or get out of bed. The apartment soon fills up with pizza boxes and unwashed clothes. The person is basically sleepwalking through life, without energy to do much more than survive. The depression goes on for months until one day, the phone rings. It’s the ex calling to ask you to come back. All of a sudden, you find you have boundless energy. The apartment gets cleaned, the person showers and comes back to life. All of that energy which was not present a few minutes before, is now flowing and accessible because of a simple event of a phone call.

If that can happen (and it usually does) then it proves that energy is always flowing. It’s not that we lack energy or power, it’s that we have blocked it in some way, from flowing in our body and in our mind.


How to Access the Power and Energy
When we are in that depressed state (or even any kind of state of emotional disturbance) it is usually because we have blocked off one of our energy centers. A few months ago, I wrote about the chakra system of energy that is based on the seven major energy centers in our bodies. Most major religions have the same concept of seven energy centers. There’s the seven level chakra (Kundalini system) in Vedic teaching. There are the ten Sephirot (on seven levels) in Kabbalistic Judaism. And in Catholicism, there are seven levels of holy sacraments. When we become aware that every major culture understood this truth about the energy centers in our bodies, we can begin to spiritually diagnose our own blockages. For instance, fear can block our heart chakra. Shame can block our stomach and reproductive organ chakra. Resentment can block our solar plexus chakra. So anytime we feel a negative emotion, and don’t deal with it, we diminish the flow of energy through that part of our body. It’s no wonder we feel cut off from God and from others! We have cut off that part of ourselves from the flow of life-giving energy.

Until we become aware of the blockage – we can’t do anything about it. So awareness is the beginning of how we can begin to get unblocked. Here are the tools I have used to remove the blockage of energy and power:

  • Journaling – This helps me understand the emotion which underlies my pain, as well as where it started. Sometimes it takes a few days, other times it can take longer. But just as the ink in my pen begins to flow, so too, the energy begins to flow as well.
  • Talking to someone – I had a friend who once said that people need to complain or else they’ll implode. I used to judge myself for complaining. Today, I see that allowing myself to process the feelings and emotion is part of the healing process. The problem with complaining is that it must be followed by action to help ameliorate the issue, or else it’s just empty complaining.
  • Meditation – I am still not the ninja meditator I wish I were. But I have found that spending time alone with God and the promise of power, gives me the ability to tap into that energy source.
  • Body work – I am a huge fan of Reiki body work. Reiki helps the body get unblocked and restores the natural qi (chi).
  • Prayer – For centuries, people have used prayer to get unblocked. Whether its praying for another’s welfare or prayers of forgiveness, it is a powerful tool to help restore the flow of energy and and bring harmony and equilibrium to a person’s body.
  • Relaxing and Releasing – When I am tense and frightened, my body tightens, which is a physical restriction of power and energy as well. Release does not happen naturally. It may mean I have to do the work through Yoga, tai-chi or any other kind of bodily movement.

Staying Open To Power
In the final part of Michael Singer’s chapter, he tells the reader that they don’t ever have to suffer from energy blockages again. If one desires to stay open, it is possible to do so. Closing is a means of protection and self-preservation, but it is not healthy. All it does is lock a person inside their own body. He asks the reader to pay attention to when they feel love and enthusiasm. Those two feelings are the keys to energy flow. And doesn’t it make sense? Love flows from the heart chakra. The etimology of the word ‘enthusiasm’ comes from the Greek meaning ‘inspired by God.” When our heart and mind are open to this energy flow, the results are incredible. We can feel this love and power anytime we wish to align ourselves with this Power. The choice is ours – but we have to do the work to stay open to it.

Until we meet again – may you be blessed along your spiritual journey!

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