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Divine Guidance is God Speaking Through Others
How do we hear Divine Guidance from the universe? God can’t talk directly to us, but I believe it’s possible to receive Divine Guidance from other people. When I can’t hear the voice of guidance from within, I have to reach out and ask for help. In the past, when I was new in the realm of Divine Guidance, I used to go to ten different people and ask for their help. I would then choose the answer I wanted to hear. But then I learned; that is not Divine Guidance. That is selective hearing.
I wrote about this topic last year in this blog post:
Divine Guidance is getting the answer and knowing it is correct in my soul.
How does this happen?
  • I have to get quiet. I need to be away from all distractions and sit for a few minutes and ask for the guidance.
  • When I cannot hear it within myself, I have to go to 1-2 trusted people and ask for their perspective on my situation.
  • If I still can’t find the right answer, I have to be patient and wait for the answer to find me.

Tosha Silver said, “Sometimes Divine answers are immediate, sometimes you wait. But one way or another, you learn to trust that you will always be shown the Way.“


Years ago, I wanted to move to Nashville, Tennessee, to pursue my dream of becoming a songwriter. I was burning to do it but was afraid. I reached out for guidance and asked a bunch of well-meaning friends for their opinions. What I got was a bunch of stories and anecdotes of everything they had done or not done or feared doing. One day, I sat alone and asked for the path to be revealed. I maybe sat for 20 minutes and then I went about my day. Serendipitously, I had a lunch meeting with a friend who listened to my dream. She confirmed or reflected what was my heart’s desire. She asked, “Why don’t you follow your path, live your truth, and see what happens?” A week later everything had fallen into place and I knew it was time to move. In no time at all I had sold my belongings, given notice to my landlord, packed my clothes, and was ready to go to Nashville. What I learned from the experience is that the Divine answer comes when we are ready to receive it.
However, it is possible to mistake Divine Guidance for what is me, running the show. I had the experience (many times!) of not wanting to listen to that inner voice. The times when my soul is telling me the right way to go, but I don’t want to listen. So I find people who will tell me what I want to hear instead of being the voice of guidance.
I dropped out of college (twice actually). But this particular time, I really wanted to go back to my old school. (The one I had dropped out of twice!). No one thought it was a good idea. They told me the definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results. Why did I think I’d be successful at this particular school a third time? (Because the third time’s a charm?). Intuitively, I knew not to go back. It was a disastrous decision. But I was damned if I was going to listen to them! Surely “God” wanted me to go back to school. Finally, I found one person (yes, just one) who told me not only was it a good idea to go back to school, but I could live with him for free! I didn’t jump at that chance because I could only guess what he was going to ask to be the “rent.” So I didn’t go back to that school and have never regretted that decision.
  • We can find Divine Guidance in silence.
  • We can talk to a trusted friend or spiritual advisor.
  • We can get “Good Orderly Direction” (GOD) from the universe….(But I have to check out my G-O-D to make sure it’s not my will in disguise, running the show, yet again.)
Finally, if I can’t hear the voice within I can still make a decision. If I can’t figure out the right way, there is the option to do something and see what happens. Action begets action and once I stop being paralyzed by indecision I can go down a path and always turn back if it becomes apparent that it’s not right.
The biggest obstacle to receiving Divine Guidance is to be blocked by the loud noise in our head.  The antidote is counsel followed by action. And, hey, if you’re inclined, why not throw a prayer or two in there for good measure?  Prayer has never failed me yet.  When my soul settles into serenity and peace, I know truth.

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