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Don’t Kill The Messenger!

I had what I would have ruled as a negative experience, happen. That brief exchange inspired me to take action:

  • To write more
  • To say “no” more often
  • And to live my truth.

It all started when I complained to my co-worker that I wasn’t happy at my job and that I was looking for a way out. Little did I know she’d be the catalyst to helping me, but not in the way I thought.

A week later, I got a phone call from my supervisor. He attacked my work performance, and then called me out on a professional level. Needless to say, I was pretty devastated. The conversation ripped me apart. But I didn’t respond. I took stock of what he said and waited.

I did some writing and reflecting and realized that a lot of what he said had some merit. Although I didn’t like the way he said it to me, he was right on many levels:
I was not doing the best job I was capable of,
I was not into the job, nor was I working well with my co-workers
I was not being a great team player.

Wow, that was an eye-opener.

But I also understood I had work to do. The first thing was to make amend to my co-worker because it was clear that it was she who went to him to call me out. Although she denied it, she accepted my amend. I learned she was not a trustworthy person. Good information. But anyone who betrays us is doing us a favor.

What happened?

  1. I started to write more and started to live my life in alignment with new and conscious choices
  2. I cut out that which I was not happy doing
  3. I started saying yes to me and no to what I thought was the expectation

This has been the gift:
I could have assassinated the character of my supervisor. But then I would not see the value in what he told me. I used the message as the impetus to get busy doing the actions that supported my higher purpose.

What did I learn? Don’t kill the messenger! Messengers are the vehicle that brings the message I need to hear to move me into greater action.

Who or what was your messenger?

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