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Why Prayer is The Answer To Our Troubles Today
I hope that you’ll join me in prayer later today.  We don’t have to use formal prayer – we only need to say the words that come from our hearts. Let’s sit (virtually together) in silent contemplation.  Maybe if enough of us sat in prayer, we may bring about the healing this earth needs at this vulnerable time.
It’s funny that I’m suggesting prayer because I never thought prayer was effective.  It was certainly NOT something I wanted to do. In fact, when my spiritual advisor suggested I try it, I resisted, claiming that I was not the type to pray.  But when my life fell apart, and I was desperate enough to do anything she suggested, I tried prayer.
I got down on my knees because that’s what she said she did.  I didn’t like it.  It wasn’t “Jewish” – because you know, Jews don’t pray on their knees. That was something the Catholics did.  But she assured me that God didn’t care how I was praying. For her, getting on her knees gave her the ability to be humble when she spoke to God.  I didn’t want to be humble.  But I did it – because she said it would work.
I only prayed to prove to her that it wouldn’t work for me
She didn’t listen to my whining. She invited me to do what she did so I could have the results she had.  I stopped complaining and I started praying.
The first time I got down on my knees, it was so foreign, I felt shame.  It wasn’t comfortable, in fact, I was awkward. I maybe lasted 30-40 seconds in prayer, before I popped back up and sat on the bed. I just couldn’t assume a kneeling position comfortably.
But I kept trying – taking a little more time to pray, every day.
And wouldn’t you know it, it really worked.  
  • Nothing in my life was different, but I felt different on the inside.  
  • I saw that I had been using prayer improperly all those years.
  • Prayer wasn’t about currying favor from a Deity to do my will.
  • Prayer made ME a better, stronger and more useful person.

Won’t you join me today at 12:00 EST/11:00 CST, in taking 5 minutes to pray.  You can pray any prayer from any tradition that works for you.  Pray with the intention of sending out a healing vibration for the earth, for all of its inhabitants, and for God’s will to be done.  And even if you don’t believe in God, know that you‘re still welcome to pray a non prayer.  Because those work too.

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