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What if I don’t Believe in nor Feel that God exists?

Okay, I get it – you don’t believe in God. You like this spiritual stuff, but the idea of God? Yeah, not so much. That’s okay! You don’t have to believe in God to achieve a spiritual connection to the universe. That is great news!!

So, how do you make a connection when you don’t even believe that there’s something to connect to?

Begin with the idea that God is not a Deity to worship

God can be as simple as “Good Orderly Direction” which you get from others whom you trust. I have a spiritual advisor, but it doesn’t even have to be someone so formal. It is important to have someone with whom you are accountable, so you are not ”running your life” on your own. I have someone I tell my crazy thoughts and ideas to and I seek their feedback BEFORE I take action. This has saved me from doing a bunch of damage I’d have to clean up had I not spoken up.

God can be a force – like nature

When I was 7 years old, I put my finger in a lightbulb socket and felt the power of electricity. That was definitely a power greater than me. And I never want to feel that massive power again in that way. But I understood having an experience with something stronger than me.

The purpose of construting the Hoover Dam, for instance was to harness the massive power of the water. Hoover Dam generates almost 5 billion kilowat hours of energy which serves the southwestern region of America. The Hoover Dam is another example of a power greater than me.

Use The Force Luke

I love the Star Wars movies because I resonate with Obiwan Kenobi’s voice in Luke Skywalker’s head. He reminds him to trust his instincts and stop relying on his finite senses. Luke closes his eyes and uses the force to achieve his goal. (That is, to drop a bomb which blows up the Death Star.)

You too can “Use the Force”

Before you take an action – say a prayer. Ask the universe to be with you in your endeavor and then make your move.

Do you have experience in tapping into a power greater than you that helps you have power?

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