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How To Turn The Negative Into A Positive

There’s a story in the Hebrew Bible (Christian Old Testament) about Moses’ rebellious cousin Korach, who lost his challenge so the earth swallowed him up (along with 250 of his followers). When I make mistakes, I wish I could be like Korach and have the earth swallow me up. I call these “Korach moments.”

Last week, I had another “Korach moment” when I messed up bigtime. I attempted my first Zoom funeral and it was a major fail. I was equipped with everything (I thought) needed to be successful: iPad, tripod, and lapel microphone. I tested everything beforehand and it all seemed to work. There was only one thing I didn’t count on….THE WIND!!!
Every time I spoke, the microphone picked up the wind, and the Zoom attendees couldn’t hear me. I didn’t realize that no one could hear me because my phone stayed in the car. When I got back, my phone had blown up from people texting me (yes, during a funeral – how tacky…as if I would have my phone with me during a funeral! Not).
The mourning family knew it was my first attempt at Zooming outside. They understood the sound issue but it was still upsetting. There was no way for me to change what had happened. I couldn’t change the past.
But from my “fail” there were silver linings…
  • First, during the funeral, someone went to Amazon and bought me the right kind of earbuds with a microphone. This would ensure that  I’d never have the same problem again.
  • Second, my “problem solver” suggested that I post an audio file of the funeral so everyone could hear what I had said. Basically, I learned how to do a podcast, edit it, and make it available.
  • Third, in one day, I had learned two new ways of dealing with technology. I learned how to do a Zoom event outside with elements and how to do a podcast.
Had I never put myself out there and attempted to try new things, I would not have known that they could be done. My takeaway is to embrace the unknown and be brave, willing to fail, and to grow from the experience.
I love my new earbuds!
But, more importantly, I cannot wait to start podcasting. None of this would have happened if I had not failed in the first place!
Have you ever failed and something wonderful came as a result?

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